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Kimpton Fitzroy

Engagement Party

This was our first visit to the immaculately refurbished Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel for an engagement party. With a predominantly younger guest list we worked with the client to create a vibrant and fun party atmosphere both musically and visually, we couldn’t wait to use our state of the art spark machines!

We began our first set out in amongst the guests/tables in the ballroom and soon discovered this crowd were ready to P-A-R-T-Y! I think we may have broken the record for the most amount of guest vocal contributions in a night and Dave (guitar) played his first ever solo for a man made entirely of mirror….

We went for a current and fast pace set list and couldn't resist throwing in a UK Garage medley, which our vocalists took to the dance floor to deliver, a fav moment of ours!

From our first meeting with the couple the production brief was clear - we had to deliver a modern, club vibe whilst not loosing sight of the fact that this was also an engagement party. We began by draping off the far end of the ballroom and building a split tier stage. We kept the colour vibrant/changeable throughout and used haze to make the lighting really pop. And.... the sparks litteraly flew. 

We had an absolute blast at the Kimpton with one of the most energetic audiences we’ve ever partied with, finishing at 2am!

Guys we loved every minute of it and can’t wait to be at the Kimpton several times again this year.



Venue - Kimpton Fitzroy

Entertainment & Production - The London Function Band

Production Photos - Tamlee Troy-Pryde

Floristry - Amie Bone

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